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Goodyear Pest Control is ready to solve the pest and insect problems of every Arizonan we can reach. The termite control services offered by us are diverse and are aimed at solving every need our customers have. Arizona presents unique challenges many other parts of the country are not accustomed to. Solving these problems has been a privilege of this office and we are looking forward to growing in our reach. We currently service Goodyear, Surprise, and surrounding areas. Call today or fill out the form to the right to schedule your termite inspection!

Residential Services

Our pest control team will keep termites, as well as wasps, spiders, rodents, and scorpions out and away from your home. As always, our services are family safe.

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Commercial Services

Our people-friendly services are perfect for keeping all kinds of pests from invading your business. Plus, we will work around your business hours.

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Emergency Services

Have termites or other pests already invaded your home or business? Don't wait, call now and our team will help you ASAP.

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Termite Inspection

Oftentimes, termite damage can go unnoticed. Goodyear Pest Control offers termite inspections, technically called "Wood Destroying Organism Inspections" that go far beyond the reach of the naked eye. We will observe your home or business for damage from termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, fungus, and dry rot. Then, we will give you a comprehensive plan and unbeatable quote to exterminate all organisms that may have made a home in your walls and floors.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Most termite damage is not seen by the untrained eye. However, you can spot the signs of termite damage in your own home or business with a few tests:

1. Hollow Wood Test

When tapped on, the wood supports in your home may seem hollow

2. Visibility Test

Visible piles of what appear to be coarse grains of sand may appear anywhere in your home or business. These could actually be termite fecal matter.

3. Time Test

We recommend a termite test every two to three years. If you have not done a termite inspection recently, it is time for you to check for organisms and keep your home or business safe.

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